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  • Are all your classes ‘hot’? Click to expandAll our classes are taught in studios heated to approximately 30 degrees. Although it’s called ‘hot yoga’ it’s a comfortable heat, which your body will enjoy and adapt to quickly. Our studios are heated using clean infrared heating panels that allow your body to heat up, instead of just heating the air around you.
  • Which class is best for a beginner? Click to expandAll of our classes are accessible for all levels. Please let your teacher know you’re a beginner and they will be sure to assist you wherever you need extra guidance.
  • What do I need to bring with me? Click to expandA yoga mat (available to rent), A couple of towels (available to rent). A water bottle<li>Comfortable clothing to wear to class. A change of clothes (you will get sweaty!)
  • How much does it cost to come to Pure Yoga? Click to expandIf you’re new to Pure Yoga, we have an amazing “Intro Month” special where you can come to unlimited classes for just $65 for one month. We also have single class drop in fees, class packages and memberships available, as well as students and seniors discounts - please visit our pricing page for more information.
  • Do I need to buy a membership for each of your studios? Click to expandNo, once you purchase a Pure Yoga membership you can choose to come to any of our studios.
  • Do you hire mats, and how much does it cost? Click to expandYes, we have mats available for hire at all of our studios. The cost is $2.00 per visit.
  • Do I need to book? Click to expandYes! We highly recommend booking your classes in advance as spots are limited. We have a 5-day booking window. You can schedule your classes online through our website or the Pure Yoga Ottawa app.
  • How does the waitlist work? Click to expandIf a class is full, we encourage you to join the waitlist! Treat a waitlisted spot as a regularly scheduled class. Payment is required to hold a spot on the waitlist - if you do not make it into the class you were waitlisted for, the credit will remain on your account for a later use. If a space opens up more than 8 hours before the scheduled class time you will be added to the class and will receive a text/email asking you to confirm your spot in class. If a space opens up less than 8 hours before the scheduled class time, you will automatically be added to the class and will receive a text/email confirming your spot in class, however you will not be able to cancel out of the class without incurring a late cancellation fee.
  • What is your cancellation policy? Click to expandSpots are limited! To help you get off that waitlist and into class, we have an 8-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your class within 8 hours of your scheduled class time, you will incur a $20 late cancellation fee if you are on an unlimited pricing option (Auto-renew Membership, One Month Unlimited, Introductory Month). If you have a class package or drop in, the class will be deducted from your account. If you miss a class without cancelling you will incur a no show fee of $25 if you are on an unlimited pricing option, or a class will be deducted from your account if you have a class package or drop in. Please note - we reserve the right to give up your spot in class if you are not here within the scheduled class start time.
  • Can I move my reservation? Click to expandIf you are outside the 8 hour cancellation window, you can cancel and book another class that isn’t full. If you are within 8 hours of the scheduled class time, it is considered a late cancellation and the above policy would apply.
  • What happens if I miss a class? Click to expandIf you miss a class without cancelling you will incur a no show fee of $25 if you are on an unlimited pricing option, or a class will be deducted from your account if you have a class package or drop in. We highly recommend adding your scheduled classes into your calendar so you do not forget about the classes you schedule!
  • How do I know what class will suit me? Click to expandWe teach a wide range of styles from slower, posture deepening ‘yin’ classes,to more active style strength building ‘power’ classes, as well as flow and beats classes. Visit the class styles page to find out more
  • Do you sell yoga clothing and accessories? Click to expandYes we stock some really great yoga brands including our own branded merchandise, as well as Spiritual Gangster, Brunette the Label, Vuori, Lululemon and more. We also have a range of yoga accessories available in each studio.
  • Can I take a break during the class? Click to expandYes, we encourage you listen to your own body. We ask that you remain in the studio during class, but as we teach to all levels, you’re welcome to take a break and rest on your mat whenever you need to.
  • Can I drink water during class? Click to expandYes, We have filtered water available in each studio for you to fill your drink bottle.
  • How long are your classes? Click to expandOur Westboro and Centretown classes are usually 1 hour long, with the occasional 75 minute class. Downtown classes are varying. Please check the schedule for timing.
  • What should I wear to class? Click to expandWear comfortable clothing that is not too loose. Most of our yogis wear fitted yoga tights and a tank top, and don’t forget to bring a towel so you can wipe away the sweat!
  • Are there showers at each studio? Click to expandYes we have beautiful change room and shower facilities at each studio. Body wash is provided in each shower.
  • Do you have change rooms at each studio? Click to expandYes, we have beautiful gender inclusive change rooms at each studio. We understand people do not always neatly conform to a binary system of gender. Our change rooms are marked Women's and Men's, but please choose the change room that you feel most comfortable. Our change rooms also have lockers (bring a padlock if you wish to lock).
  • Can I eat or drink before yoga class? Click to expandYes, although we recommend not practicing yoga on a full stomach as it can be uncomfortable.
  • Can I practice hot yoga while pregnant or breastfeeding? Click to expandYes, we allow pregnant and breastfeeding women to practice yoga at our studios. Many women enjoy practicing yoga throughout their pregnancy, and if you feel comfortable to do so, and have the go-ahead from your doctor or midwife, you’re welcome to practice with us. Please always inform your teacher if you are pregnant.
  • What can I expect from Pure Yoga? Click to expandWe’re a fun, friendly and inclusive place. When you come to practice with us, we’ll encourage you along your yoga path, and provide a happy place that you’ll use to support your healthy and positive lifestyle. What you’ll find at Pure Yoga is a welcoming environment where classes are tailored to all levels, led by some of Canada’s most experienced and passionate teachers.
  • How old do I need to be to do yoga at Pure Yoga? Click to expandYou must be over 14 years or older. Between 14 to 17 you will need a parent/guardian to sign off.

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Land Acknowledgement

At Pure we acknowledge that we move, practice & teach on the unceded and traditional land of the Algonquin Anishinabe, now known as Ottawa. This acknowledgment only becomes meaningful when combined with accountable relationships and informed actions. This acts only as a first step in honouring the unsurrendered land we operate on. We continue to honour the people, elders, and Indigenous ancestors of this land.