Real Food Reset

This is a hot yoga class.

Pure Yoga Ottawa has partnered with Holistic Nutritionist, Stephanie Kay, to bring you The Real Food
Reset; a 28-day nutrition program to help you re-vamp with long lasting effects!

The Real Food Reset is not a cleanse, detox or a diet. The intention of the program is to teach you how
to make better food choices, fuel your body and learn to love real food.  The program is meant to help you make sustainable steps and changes that you can maintain, and create a lifestyle you can feel good about.
This comprehensive nutrition program hosted by Stephanie Kay Nutrition will teach you what foods to focus on, what foods to avoid and what foods to limit. The program will guide you to understand how to create balanced meals, read food labels, learn the best brands on the market, and
provide you with simple recipes, meal ideas and snacks.
Think about it – being healthy is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition.
Unfortunately, you can’t out-work a bad diet! Whether your goal is to create a healthier lifestyle, lose weight or balance your yoga practice, this program is for you.
The Real Food Reset Program:

~ Comprehensive 28-Day Nutrition Program by Stephanie Kay Nutrition
~ 4 weeks of meal plans and recipes
~ Daily & weekly handouts, nutrition guides and nutrition tips
~ Access to a private ‘Real Food Reset’ Facebook Group
~ Unlimited email support from Stephanie Kay Nutrition
~ 2 Private Nutrition Seminars:

Launch Seminar
- SUNDAY OCTOBER 15th, 2017
- Location: Pure Kitchen Elgin
- Time: 9am – 10am 

-A 1-hour nutrition seminar with Stephanie Kay, to outline and review the details of the program, answer outstanding questions with an optional weight and measurement consultation.

Mid-Point Seminar:

- Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
- Location: Pure Yoga Downtown
- Time: 8pm- 9pm 
-A 1-hour nutrition seminar with Stephanie Kay to touch base and review the status of the program. During this seminar we will look further in depth at effective meal
planning to help save money, the best brands on the market and much more.
The Details: 
Cost of Program:
~ New to Food Reset: $99.99 + HST
~ Past Participant of Food Reset: $49.99 + HST (Must Sign Up In Studio to Receive discount) 
Launch Date: Sunday October 15th, 2017
Register online or in studio
There will be no refunds for this workshop

Level: Beginner - All Levels

When can I take this class?

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