Pure Yin/Yang

This is a hot yoga class.

The union of Yin and Yang Yoga is a holistic practice for the whole body and the mind.

Yin is a slower style of yoga that puts gentle stress on the connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Unlike the more superficial yang tissue (muscles), which respond well to muscle contraction and heat, yin tissues responds to long stretch times with the muscles relaxed, and works best before warming up. This helps keep joints stronger and lubricated as we age.

The Yang portion of the class is a fun and active practice of standing postures, hamstrings stretches and backbends. In Yang practices (like Hot, Flow and Power), every action radiates out from the core. Muscles hug the bones to hold the body in perfect posture alignment for a deep, effective stretch of the muscles.

Temp: 25-30+
Level: Beginner - All Levels

When can I take this class?

The schedule is blank. Please check times here.

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