Pillars of the Spine

This is a hot yoga class.

Optimal spinal health is an essential component of living a healthy and fulfilling life. We cannot take the health of the spine for granted.
There’s a saying in yoga that you are as young as your spine is healthy.

Because knowledge is power, this masterclass is created to explore the spine, it’s anatomical actions, and zoning in on muscles that support and stabilize the spine. We will be reminded how to move in a safe and effective manner to help give us our best shot at being comfortable in our yoga practice as well as in our every day living.
When we have healthy movement of the spine in all it’s 5 dimensions, it allows for a continual flow of energy. How our energy flows has a profound affect on how we feel physically and mentally and how connected or disconnected we are to life.

Please join me when I return to one of my all time favourite’s, Pure Yoga Ottawa in February.
Date: Saturday February 3rd, 2018

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Location: Pure Yoga Centretown

Investment: $65 Members, $70 Non-Members
There will be no refunds for this master class 

Level: Beginner - All Levels

When can I take this class?

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