Fall in Love with Backbends

This is a hot yoga class.

Backbends don’t have to hurt! They can be among the most healing yoga postures. Let’s come together and confront our cultural habit of sitting too much and embrace moving in better ways.
As a wise man Dr. Seuss once said, “Un-slumping oneself is not easily done!”

In this 2.5 hour all-levels workshop, you’ll learn how to use muscular energy to stay safe and strong in backbends. Starting with simple actions, you’ll learn how to recruit the upper-back in a variety of postures to open the chest and shoulders while toning the legs in ways that support the natural curve of the spine in a variety of postures.
The first half of this workshop will establish a solid foundation with slow, detailed work on integrating a set of new postural alignment cues and some goodies for the anatomy nerds.  The second half will offer a balanced breath-centered flow, restorative yoga, and specific pranayama (breath exercises) to develop a core that allows the ribcage to expand —essential for anyone who wishes to progress in their practice without back pain.

See you on the mat!
Date: Saturday, October 21, 5:30pm-8pm
Location: Pure Yoga Centretown
Investment: $35 Members, $40 Non-Members
There will be no refunds for this workshop 


When can I take this class?

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