Emotional Anatomy

This is a hot yoga class.

Join Louise on an insightful journey into what it really means to have good posture.
In this workshop you will:
~ explore areas of the body that affect the alignment of the axial skeleton
~discover how the practice of yoga helps to shed emotional holding patterns that create dis-ease in the body
~learn tools to help heal chronic pain
~discover the link between pain and emotion
~and play with simple yoga postures that bring awareness and vitality to these areas of the body.
Where ever you are on your yoga journey, even if you have never studied Anatomy, Louise would love to share this life-changing wisdom with you!
Date: Sunday Dec 2nd 2018 
Time: 11am-3pm 
Location: Pure Yoga Downtown (71 Bank Street) 
Investment: $75 + Hst 
Louise’s Bio:
Louise has been teaching yoga full time since the early 2000’s. Her yoga journey began at a time in her life when she was battling many challenges, including: disordered eating, suicidal depression, cancer, the aftermath of child abuse and TBI’s, chronic pain, arthritis and various other issues. Now, healed from most of those struggles, she
feels blessed to be able to share yoga from a place of having pulled herself ‘out of the trenches’ so to speak. Having studied with numerous Healers, Sha-People, Elders and Wisdom Keepers, as well as Yoga Teachers, its really her students and four-leggeds that have taught her the most, and continue to.

With the privilege of teaching a broad spectrum of people from leaders of countries and royal delegates, TV personalities, homeless, severely ill or fragmented people to just regular Joe’s… Louise has come to realize that the common thread is everyone can use some help breathing more freely and bringing their Spirit home to their body. When Spirit is embodied, people can then live in a way that is guided by Spirit, in an inspired way.

These are the teachings of most Indigenous Peoples around the World, teachings that all of us have tragically disconnected from since the way of the Indigenous Peoples of the World was shattered at various locations and times throughout the World and it’s history, including today. The way of the Natural World, to live in a way that recognizes
our connection to Everything, especially the vital connection to Mother Earth, is an underlying force in Louise’s daily life and teachings. Louise hopes to use her yoga teachings to help people of all relations live in a more connected, uplifted and inspired way.


There will be no refunds for this workshop. 

Level: Beginner - All Levels

When can I take this class?

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