Yoga Detour: Sweat the Small Stuff with Cecily Milne

Start your day with a focus on the “little guys” – hands, wrists, feet and ankles. All too often we take these parts of the body for granted, assuming they’ll know how to support us in complex movements like squats, upward-dog and handstands…that ends now! We’ll delve into what it means to make our wrists “bulletproof”, our feet intelligent and our ankles ultimately supportive. One hour of time…countless movement gems that will serve you both on and off the mat for years to come.

When: Saturday May 25th 2019

Time: 9-10:15am

Location: Pure Yoga Downtown (71 Bank Street)

Investment: $35 Non-members | $30 Members

As the Creator of Yoga Detour, Cecily is driven to raise the standards of the yoga and movement teaching community. She has invested countless hours in creating this stand-alone program that connects science to intuition and learning to experience, shifting mindsets through movement. She works as a yoga “integrator”, leading her signature Move Well classes at Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto and traveling around the world introducing people to the Detour Method.

An avid Ashtanga practitioner from 2003-2013, Cecily practiced under the guidance of senior teachers before becoming injured. This led her to train with multiple movement enthusiasts including the Ido Portal team, Agatsu Inc, Gymnastic Bodies and Fighting Monkey. She has worked with Dr. Andreo Spina to receive certification as both a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms) and a Functional Range Assessment provider. Cecily also studied Applied Training/Sports Animation in 2016 with internationally renowned Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer D.O., creator of the SomaTraining system and ELDOA.

There will be no refunds for this workshop.



When: Saturday May 25th 2019
Time: 9-10:15am
Location: Pure Yoga Downtown (71 Bank Street)


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