Pure Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program - 100hr Module with Amber Stratton & Jen Dalgleish

The Pure Mentorship Program focuses on real world teaching experience,helping you to break out of your comfort zone and find your own voice as a yoga teacher.

During our six week Mentorship Program you will be encouraged to move away from any self-limiting beliefs, helping you become the best yoga teacher you can be. We will help you refine your teaching skills, giving you specific feedback to help shape your classes and you as a teacher. Refine your cues and sequencing, learn to theme your classes more intelligently. Grow your business as a teacher.

This module includes working one-on-one with Pure Yoga’s Senior Instructors and studio owners as well as teaching six public classes in a select Pure Studio with feedback to follow.

During this Mentorship program, you will:

~Teach 1 Pure Yoga community class per week

~Meet with mentor for 1 hour post class to discuss in-depth feedback

~Attend a minimum of 2 Pure classes per week

~Write a weekly report of your experience during class, including sequencing details, alignment cues, pace of class, teachers presence and yogic philosophy

~Assist mentor during 2 of their classes per week

~Offer hands-on assists to students during class

~Meet with mentor after class to discuss sequencing,pacing, music choices and more

~Write weekly report of your class planning process, highlighting sequencing, philosophy and playlist

~Complete 2 different reading assignments as assigned by your mentor

~One on one business coaching with studio owners and entrepreneurs Amber Stratton and Jen Dalgleish

Amber Stratton – Jen Dalgleish


Mentorship program cost $2600.00
Pure Yoga YTT grads $2200.00

Prerequisites – 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified YTT

Program Dates

March 1st – April 12th

September 9th – October 21st

Apply via email



March 1st – April 12th

September 9th – October 21st


Contact us

Pure Yoga Westboro

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Ottawa, ON
K1Z 6X3

Phone: 613-680-PURE (7873)

Pure Yoga Downtown

71 bank street (suite 3)

Phone: 613-422-7873

Pure Yoga Centretown

359 Bank Street
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