Megan Campbell


Teaching Style- Prana Vinyasa, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Power

Classes- Monday’s 430pm Pure Flow & 545pm Prana Vinyasa, Wednesday’s 430pm Pure Flow & 545pm Prana Vinyasa, Thursday’s 930am Prana Vinyasa

Training- 200hr. Hatha Yoga Training, 200hr. Akhanda Yoga Training (in India), 800hr. Yoga Philosophy Program, 300hr. Prana Flow Training (in process of completion), 100hr. Women’s Yoga Training, Yoga in Action Leadership Training (Ottawa Leader for Off the Mat, Into the World)

Why I teach- I teach because I feel called to share this art of living and being with others. I knew the moment I taught my first sun salutations in my first training that I was meant to teach and haven’t stopped since 2006! My favorite part of teaching is the honor of baring witness to all the beautiful Soul’s who empower, heal, and transforms themselves organically through dedication to the practice. I feel blessed to now to teach others to become Yoga teachers themselves and teacher trainings are my favorite offerings to others.

Before Yoga- I was a bartender and travelled extensively

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