Kate Durie


TEACHING STYLE: Flow. Heart, wide open. Meditative. Breath-focused.

ON ROTATION: Trevor Hall. East Forest. Jai-Jagdeesh.

INSPIRED BY: Love. The human experience. Yoga philosophy and spirituality across the board.

FAVOURITE POSE: Each pose in our Asana practice continues to surprise me as this path unfolds. For me, it’s about how you greet them.

MORNING RITUAL: Coffee. Breakfast. Meditation & Morning Practice/Rituals. Cuddles with the fuzzies. Class Prep.

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Earliest memory is walking into a very traditional Yoga class, and the first thing the teacher asked us to do was chant OM. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, disappear, and leave. I didn’t, I sat with the discomfort. But let’s just say it took me some time to find and speak my truth.

SIGN: Aquarius

HOMETOWN: Waterloo, Ontario

A NONNEGOTIABLE: White space, quiet time, brain love. Coffee in the morning.

FAVOURITE COFFEE SHOP: A mystical coffee shop that is super quiet, but full of incredible people. Regular Go-To’s: Ministry of Coffee, Bridgehead


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Land Acknowledgement

At Pure we acknowledge that we move, practice & teach on the unceded and traditional land of the Algonquin Anishinabe, now known as Ottawa. This acknowledgment only becomes meaningful when combined with accountable relationships and informed actions. This acts only as a first step in honouring the unsurrendered land we operate on. We continue to honour the people, elders, and indigenous ancestors of this land.