Ghislaine Johnson


Teaching Style- I enjoy sequencing an asana practice that is fun and safe but peppered with challenge. I try to facilitate an insightful experience by teaching in a way that addresses the physical sensations, distractions and reactions we face when on our mat.

Classes- Pure Flow

Training: I have completed 200 hours of Hatha, 70 hours of Yin, 90 hours of Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, 30 hours of Prenatal Yoga and am working towards my 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification.

Why I teach- I teach yoga because I find it fulfilling and fun: it allows me to share my passion for the yoga practice and to provide others the tools for inner and outer transformation.

Before Yoga- I grew up in the coldest city in Canada: Winnipeg (probably why I love the hot room so much). Although it was hard to move away from family and close friends I decided to enjoy some time in Montreal for four years while focusing my energy on environmental engineering. It was during this degree that I realized how much I care about nature and both our natural and built environment. I continue to put effort into this area of interest at my full time job: this is when I moved to Ottawa. I love being in nature when gardening, camping, hiking, mountain biking, XC skiing and snowboarding because of its raw beauty and how it makes me feel rooted and connected to this amazing world.

All classes and workshops currently on hold.

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