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About Zu

Favorite style – Power Flow. I like the combination of strength, flexibility and fluidity.

Inspiration – I’m really drawn to the artistry of yoga. I’m inspired by movement, shapes and lines. When I’m practicing yoga, I visualize the aesthetic features of the pose or posture: the extended lines and angles. I also try to make each transition from pose to pose as graceful as possible so it’s almost like a dance!

Why I practice – I practice yoga to give me some consistency in my life. I’ve always had an outlet to channel my energy into and it has helped me stay grounded. When I was younger, it was gymnastics and now I’ve found it in yoga. It’s also a practice that’s a bit gentler on my body so I can keep practicing for years to come. Yoga offers me endless possibilities to discover my body and myself: my strengths and weaknesses, my capabilities and limitations, both physically and mentally.

Before Yoga – I was a national level gymnast here in Ottawa and went off to compete in the states on scholarship at the NCAA level. Having retired from the sport after university, I was in search for my next physical outlet. I was first introduced to yoga about 4 years ago. For me, it was not love at first plank. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to re-emerge myself into yoga, commit to a regular practice and really see positive changes in my life.

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