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What We Are Loving Right Now - Amber's Picks

Studio owner and self-confessed product junkie Amber Stratton gives the run-down of her latest fave finds....

By Amber Stratton  Comments

What We Are Loving Right Now - Amber's Picks

Confession – I am a bit of a product junkie, I want to try all of the things. Send me to California for the weekend and I will shamelessly consume every green juice, tumeric infused shot, fancy latte that claims eternal youth and forever health on the market. What can I say I am a big fan of R&D, someone has gotta do it right? But what I do make sure is that I do my research. I make sure the products and or supplements I am taking are quality and when possible, locally made.

So for all the green juice drinkers, skin care lovers and just overall products of all things health and wellness…This one’s for you.

  1. - Woman Divine products. Specifically loving the Rose Water face spray and the Rose and Sandlewood Face Oil. These work great for me to keep my skin hydrated and are made right here in Ottawa by Magdelana herself. Reasonably priced and I would strongly recommend a customized facial treatment by her so she can guide you in the right direction for you skin care regime.
  1. - Vital Proteins Collagen – I was a bit skeptical but I gave it a good try, 3 months of consistent use. I don’t suffer from joint pain (yet lol) but i have noticed a difference in my hair skin and nails. I take 2 scoops a day, in my coffee or smoothie. I am hooked on this one.
  1. - Progressive Fish Oil (Orange flavor) w Vitamin D – I am a big believer in healthy fats and getting vitamin D into your diet in the darker, winter months. This fish oil does a great job of masking the fact that you are ingesting fish oil, which can taste quite fishy. I like the orange flavor of this brand. I also prefer my supplements in a liquid or powder for to ensure quality absorption.
  1. - Spirulina, again in a powder form. This magical green has endless benefits. I load up my smoothie and green juice with it. You can get good spirulina at your local health food store.
  1. - Lush, cold pressed juice. This is my #1 fav from Pure Kitchen. A green juice packed with spirulina and greens. I drink this every morning and I use it as a base in my smoothies, a great low carb alternative to nut milks.
  1. - Little Victories Coffee. These Ottawa based guys are awesome. They have turned their side hustle into a full time gig to bring you the best coffee in the city. I will take a trip to their cute coffee shop in the Glebe anyday to grab a delicious macadamia nut latte made by the best. If I am at home I blend it with an MCT oil to start my day!

I am always trying new supplements and skin care products. Remember when you try something new make sure to give it a fair amount of time to show results, for supplements at least 6-8 weeks and for skin care I would do at least 4 weeks. That’s just me, but generally your body needs a fair amount of time to start showing and feeling signs of something new. Comment below to let me know what you are using these days to help you look and feel your best!

What We Are Loving Right Now - Amber's Picks



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