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Tips to Keep the Bugs away during Cold and Flu Season

It's cold and flu season so I wanted to share my tips, in hopes that it can reduce the chances of you getting sick!

By Ashley Shewchuk  Comments

Tips to Keep the Bugs away during Cold and Flu Season

Hi all! My name is Ashley and I am part of the Pure Fam, I chat with members all day at the studios and one topic that often repeats in conversations is cold and flu season. I thought to myself, I haven’t been sick in quite some time. It very well could be due to my routine and the variety of supplements and herbs that I consume on the daily. I wanted to share my tips, in hopes that it can reduce the chances of you getting sick.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional. This is what works for me. I have spoken to Naturopathic Doctor’s and Dieticians who have approved of these patterns.

Keep reading for my smoothie recipe, a recap of all products mentioned, and where you can find them!

This goes without saying, however, I just want to emphasise the importance of water intake. I always carry a Swell bottle with me, or if I’m at work you’ll always see a Pure Yoga glass water bottle on the desk. I aim to drink 3 litres per day. If you’re not used to drinking a lot of water start with 1 litre and increase gradually.

Every morning I make a green smoothie, it always includes a huge knob of fresh ginger. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of ginger, but I can understand that it can be an acquired taste. Start with smaller amounts, and you will likely build a tolerance to it allowing you to gradually add more. Ginger is cheap and I buy several ginger roots at a time – yes, I have been stopped in the grocery store checkout line and asked what I am doing with all of that ginger! Continue reading for my smoothie recipe.

Many people get turned off by the taste or smell of spirulina, but once it is blended with additional ingredients you won’t notice. The question I get asked most is, “What is spirulina”? Spirulina is an algae that adds protein and antioxidants. You may be wondering how this form of algae can aid in the prevention of you getting sick. Spirulina is rich in vitamins and minerals, which is excellent for improving immunity. A well developed and maintained healthy immune system leads to assisting in defending the body from bacteria and viruses.

When I am not making my smoothie at home, I’m at Pure Kitchen. I am hooked on the Green Yogi. Where do you think the name came from? It is now one of their best sellers! Ingredients in the Green Yogi include their Lush fresh, cold-pressed, organic juice which has spirulina as well.

Protector Shot
Along with my Lush, I will always order a Protector Shot at Pure Kitchen. It is packed with ginger, turmeric, and black pepper which improves the absorption of turmeric. Together these ingredients boast anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant compounds.

Oil of Oregano Pills
Yes, in pill form. Who doesn’t want the benefits, but without that horrible taste lingering or burning sensation left in your mouth? Let me make this clear, I don’t take Oil of Oregano pills every day. If I feel like I may be getting ill (sore throat, nauseated, or any cold/flu symptoms in general) I will begin taking one pill in the morning and one at night. I may only do this once, if symptoms continue, I will follow that pattern for a couple days. With that being said, always follow up your oil of oregano with a probiotic. Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic, indicating you should up your probiotic intake.

Herbal Tea
I have a routine of enjoying a cup of herbal tea in the evening after dinner. It is usually one of the following: lemon, ginger, dandelion, chamomile, or peppermint. It’s soothing, relaxing and helps me wind down. The antioxidants and vitamins found in herbal teas are great for helping fight infections. Additionally, I often make my own lemon-ginger beverage.

Add to a blender:
Boiling Water
Lemon, juiced or whole
Large Knob Ginger

Transfer through a sieve into a mug (to avoid the pulp and rinds). Option: add a pinch of cayenne pepper for a kick, or honey if you require it sweetened.

Sleep to me is a non-negotiable and is arguably the most important point on this list (I understand that many of you have children, which I do not). However, to me although I aim for minimum 8 hours of sleep per night, it’s more about the routine that I have created where I see the benefits. I get up at 5AM every single day. I go to bed every night between 7:30PM and 9PM.

I get two reactions from most people:
a) That is ridiculous? Why would you want to do that?
b) I wish I could wake up that early! It must be nice to be able to fall asleep that early! You must feel so rested! No wonder you have so much energy!

Bottom line, I am not saying you need to go to bed or wake up that early, but here are two pieces of advice:

1. Regardless of times, start to be more consistent. If that means going to bed every night at 11PM and waking up every morning at 7AM. Your body will thank you, and you will notice that it creates consistency and routine in other areas of your life.
2. If you want to wake up earlier, or go to bed earlier. Start by waking up half an hour earlier, and then an hour. Have you ever woken up at 4AM for a flight, and by the time you reach your destination it may only be 7PM but you’re exhausted – same deal! Gradually, you will reach your ideal times if you slowly get your body used to it.

Thanks for reading. If there is anything I missed or you have suggestions, please leave a comment below. Let’s chat next time you’re in the studio! I love to hear about different health and wellness products and remedies.

Ash xo

Green Smoothie Recipe:
½ Cup Coconut Milk
½ Cup Cold Filtered Water
1 Fresh Lime, Squeezed
1 Banana
Mint Leaves
½ Avocado
Hemp Hearts
Large Knob of Ginger
1 Cup Frozen Mango
1-2 Spoonfuls of Spirulina
1-2 Handfuls of Spinach

I use a Vitamix which blends it so well, I don’t know what I’d do without it. However, any blender will work.

I exclude all sugar from my diet, so I’m not afraid to add fruit to my smoothies. I used to cut out all fruit, but realised I needed to bulk up my smoothies to keep me full for a few hours! I work out in the form of yoga, HIIT training, spinning, boxing, running, and basically any workout that is accessible to me, which means I can use the extra carbohydrates and calories in my morning smoothies!

Swell Bottle
Cost: $25.00 – $45.00
Where to find: https://www.swellbottle.com or try buying local first many kitchen/container stores in Ottawa have them like Readi Set Go in the Glebe.

Pure Yoga Glass Water Bottle
Investment: $7.00
Where to find: Any Pure Yoga location

Investment: $1.00 – $2.00 per large ginger root
Where to find: Any grocery store should have it

Investment: $15.00 – $50.00 depending on the size
Where to find: I use the Organika brand from Wholefoods but any brand should do just fine, and can be found at any health foods store or online.

Oil of Oregano Pills
Investment: $16.00
Where to find: I use the Natural Factors brand and bought it at Natural Food Pantry in Westboro, but it can be found online.

Investment: $15.00 – $60.00
Where to find: I buy the Flora brand (100 Billion – refrigerated) from Whole Foods, there are a variety of types to choose from.

Herbal Tea
You can find herbal tea just about anywhere for a variety of price ranges! Just make sure there is no caffeine and no added sugar.

Tips to Keep the Bugs away during Cold and Flu Season



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