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The Beauty of Non-Resistance

Pure Yogi Jessica Magnan contemplates the reason for our pervasive and persistent infatuation with physical beauty...

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The Beauty of Non-Resistance

This morning I was contemplating the reason for our pervasive and persistent infatuation with physical beauty.
Here’s what I came up with:

Our attraction to those people and things that are most aesthetically pleasing is intuitive and natural.

I would like you to imagine a person – someone you find to be extremely beautiful, magnetic, attractive. It is likely that the way you see this person is specific to your own personal definition of beauty. What is not specific however, is the reason you see this person as beautiful. You feel really good when you are around them.

When we feel good in someone’s presence, we feel included, we feel drawn in by this person’s positive energy. We can feel this person’s inner acceptance of themselves pouring out.

Law of attraction states: that which is like unto itself, is drawn. So, in our experience of inclusion and positivity, we allow our own energy to rise and match with that of the initial stimulus to feeling good. Another way of describing feeling good is to say we are in a state of non-resistance.

Law of attraction teachings state that negative emotion is a signal that we are not allowing ourselves to experience positive energy. If we feel bad, it is likely that we hold a belief about ourselves that makes us feel separate, not good enough, discouraged, or excluded.

It can often feel easier to join with someone whose energy is resistant or negative (complaining, gossiping, etc). The reason for this is simply that there tends to be more momentum in the direction of resistance and exclusion than acceptance and connection. Resulting from persistent competition and comparison, we get beaten down into the belief that some are more entitled to this high vibe, luminous life than others and that it is unrealistic to expect to feel good most of the time.


And that is the root of resistance.

Our natural state is one of ease and wholeness and this is why it feels so good when we connect with beauty – it reminds us of our own most beautiful emanation. One very potent and healing application for the musculature we build in meditation, is to entrain ourselves to a state of acceptance and then appreciation so that we can become an energetic match to the most beautiful and luminous versions of our own selves BEFORE any external stimulus inspires this feeling. When we can do this, we become powerful attractors. We become those luminous magnetic beings who inspire and uplift.


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The Beauty of Non-Resistance



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