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My Morning Routine

Pure Yogi Ashley Wittig chats about the importance of developing a healthy morning routine...

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My Morning Routine

Up until last year when I sold my bakery, my morning ritual consisted of waking up too early, pouring a coffee down my throat, and then heading off to work, either to bake for the shop or to brainstorm (which also involves a lot of baking!)

After I sold it and found myself teaching full time, I had a bit more space in the morning for some solid me time. I find now that if I skip my morning routine it kind of disrupts the rest of the day.

I work on Tyger Tyger during the day and then I teach in the evenings, so it requires some discipline to block out time for things, otherwise I will (and have!) just spent full mornings dawdling on instagram.

When my partner leaves for work, I’ll usually light some incense or a candle.

I like to meditate before drinking coffee because my mind is still in that soft sleepy zone before I jar it awake with caffeine.

My Morning Routine

If you don’t have a space for meditation, I highly recommend one! Just a little spot that inspires you to sit, have your incense close by, some tarot or oracle cards if you use them, and a comfortable little cushion. The app, Insight Timer is particularly handy as well. I only use it for the soft gongs that usher me in and out of meditation, but I think it also has guided meditations as well.

Some mornings I will also pull a card (or do a whole spread if I’m called to) from a favourite tarot or oracle deck and allow that to influence what I think about during meditation.

I have a few meditations that I love, and I find guided meditations to be quite useful, my friend Natalie Matias (https://www.nataliematias.com/) has some incredible ones.

I set my timer for anywhere between 10-20 minutes, but even 3 minutes is useful!

Here are my top three:

1. Sink into a steady breath. I will inhale as I count to 4, and exhale as I count to 4 and when I feel like I’m calm and my mind is ready, I begin! I imagine what’s on the horizon for me, whether it’s the day ahead, or life in general. Things that I want to happen, or experiences that I hope will happen. I really fully flesh it out in my mind, and the most important key here is to actually feel like what it feels like to have achieved that experience. The joy and happiness of succeeding in it, maybe your heart begins to beat a little faster, or tears come to your eyes. And then I fill myself up with as much gratitude as I can possible feel.

2. I always begin with the steady breathing technique that I use above until I feel like my mind is in the zone (sometimes it never gets there and thats ok too). Beginning from the root chakra, I take a few minutes to breathe through each and every chakra, feeling myself being saturated in that colour, and filling my body up with the energy that that chakra feels like to me. Of course you’ll need a bit of info about the chakras, and I would recommend the Wheels of Life to anyone interested, it’s an incredible tool to keep on your bedside table. I finish with the Crown Chakra, and send beams of radiant love to the entire world. Powerful stuff!

3. Perhaps my favourite one. I begin with steady breathing, and then I start to imagine that, starting in my toes, I am softly catching fire. But the fire is cleansing and feels ecstatic. It slowly crawls up my legs, into my pelvis, my belly, my chest, down my arms and my hands until finally it completely engulfs me in this roaring fire. I am not my body. I am not even my mind. I am only the spirit that remains. A spark. Free from the stresses of daily life, big and small. Cleansed so that I can begin anew.

My Morning Routine

Sometimes I finish before my gong goes off, or sometimes I close it so I can sit a little longer.

Mornings are tender, and I like to respect them as best I can, as often as I can, which is a major privilege.

After I’m done, I’m onto coffee, dog walks and a full day of work!

I hope you find that to be helpful or inspiring to your own morning ritual! Feel free to ask me anything, or if you want some clarification on any of the meditations I’ve described above!

Ashley Wittig owns Tyger Tyger https://www.tyger-tyger.ca/ an online variety store specialising in food, beauty, plant magic and ritual products

My Morning Routine



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