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Hustle and Flow

Pure Yogi Jackie Beaudoin chats about her life as a yoga teacher and realtor, and how the two worlds aren't actually that far apart...

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Hustle and Flow

Can you tell us a bit about your yoga journey, and how long you’ve been teaching yoga?

I started to practice bikram yoga in my 20’s for exercise and loved how much it made me sweat. It wasn’t until becoming a mom- needing balance, space for myself and filling my cup so I could be the mom I wanted to be- when I decided to dive a little deeper and do my first YTT in Mexico. I loved it so much a few years later I went to India and did my 500hr YTT.

What made you decide to get into real estate?

I grew up in a construction family so I was exposed to Real Estate at a young age. I always had an interest, but also loved health and fitness. After high school I studied Human Kinetics at university and went down that path. It wasn’t until after moving home to Ottawa after living 8 years in Europe that I decided to get into Real Estate. I had friends in the industry, and my husband is a mortgage broker, so it just made sense. Best decision I ever made! I love it.

Hustle and Flow

You’re also a mom to three boys. How do you manage the juggle of being a yogi, realtor and a mom?

It’s not easy, that’s for sure. I still haven’t found the perfect balance. I have tried to adjust my teaching schedule so I have mornings off, I like being home to get my kids breakfast and off to school. I use the mornings 9-12 for myself, for workouts, yoga, shopping, cleaning up, then off to work in the afternoon. I teach 1 or 2 yoga classes a day, and try to schedule real estate meetings around teaching and my kids hockey schedules. It’s definitely a juggling act. I also don’t teach yoga classes on the weekends which gives me more free time for clients, and family or should say hockey! Haha. Date night is usually in the hockey rink.

Many yoga teachers also have other careers, but the worlds of real estate and yoga seem so far apart “Hustle and flow”! Do you find you’re able to manage the two together?

I actually think they are very similar. Both careers are competitive and the hustle is mandatory to be successful. A challenging flow class with smooth transitions represents the dance of life, it’s not easy. Moving with grace from one posture to another, or from deal to deal, is very similar, with practice, it becomes easier, and smoother.

In both careers I am helping others. Connecting with different people, finding a common ground, and figuring out what’s important to them. At the end of the day, we all want to live a happy healthy life, and want to love where we live.

Hustle and Flow

How have you found that being a yogi has helped you in your real estate career?

Yoga in general has helped me be less reactive. Real Estate can be crazy, there is always something crazy happening. I have learned to pause, take a deep breath, then respond. I wish it was mandatory for all agents to practice a little yoga, life would be much easier!

Hustle and Flow

When and where are you currently teaching at Pure?

I teach at Pure on Fridays 12:00 Centretown

If you’re looking for a realtor, you can find Jackie here: https://premiermerivale.sutton.com/Agents/on/ottawa/jackie-beaudoin/5b2a5d327db0180ac86441e7



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