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Faces of Pure - Michael Prince

Michael Prince has been practicing almost daily at Pure Yoga since 2017 and is a very friendly familiar face here! We have a chat to get to know him better...

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Faces of Pure - Michael Prince

What brought you to your mat for the first time?

I had gone on and off very casually for years but it wasn’t until I started joining my wife about 4 years ago that I got hooked. I guess it was a combination of the right teachers and the right phase of my life that it finally really clicked for me. I was doing a lot of martial arts focused workouts before that and now Yoga is my prime form of exercise.

Why Pure Yoga?

I was invited to check out a class at Pure Yoga by Jenn Stow after a class at Movati and once I went I was hooked big time. The studios are all amazing, the staff and teachers exceptional and the community is simply lovely. Funny enough I started at Pure asking only about teachers who teach more Power focused classes and now I range far and wide trying to experience as many different styles as possible.

Faces of Pure - Michael Prince

Do you think your yoga practice has changed your life off of the mat?

100% – I am much more patient, more observant and really feel healthier and calmer. I also really try to be more open about different styles and techniques, helps me to learn about myself and how to pass that knowledge to others.

What style of yoga are you drawn to? What pushes you outside your comfort zone?

I still veer pretty heavily towards power focused classes as I am working on arm balances and inversions pretty consistently. Meditation still pushes me outside my comfort zone but I really enjoy the attempts even if I struggle through them.

What does yoga mean to you?

It means a great deal – I have a very demanding career and a full family life. At home I am a natural nurturer and give a lot to my wife and kids which I love but it can be draining. On the mat it is time just for me to learn, grow, reflect and sweat. Yoga has become a necessity in my life and one I eagerly look forward to every day.

Has being part of the Pure family changed your life?

A great deal really, I have become friends with a number of teachers and students and feel very comfortable every time I enter one of the studios. I attend as many PHY sessions as I can – especially when Pure teachers are hosting and truly enjoy the community Pure has cultivated in Ottawa.

Faces of Pure - Michael Prince

Tell us about your life outside of the studio?

I work as a Solution Architect for TELUS, I am married and have two teenage sons (one entering college this year). Outside of yoga I actively manage my fruit and vegetable garden in the summer, write for an online magazine and ever so slowly work through writing a novel (which is YEARS away from completion). Love to travel and have been to Croatia, Belize, Italy and Puerto Rico in the last few years.

What would be a day in the life of you? (How does your yoga practice fit in?

Wake up early, do a short flow to wake my old bones and head to work. Attend a class every day – I have my preferred classes each day of the week – generally over lunch time. I usually stay after class and practice inversions or a challenge post for my instagram feed.

What is one goal you have for this year?

Get a 20 second consistent Handstand hold

What is your favourite compliment to yoga?

Swimming, light weights and Kata drills (Karate)

What makes you laugh the hardest?

Silly animal videos? Really any good joke from a true friend makes me laugh like crazy.

Michael has taken 336 classes with Pure Yoga, as well as participated in our 30 Day Challenge, numerous workshops, and Brittany’s Pure Yogi 40hr Immersion. Be sure to say hi next time you see him in the studio, or follow his instagram feed where he shares his passion for yoga: www.instagram.com/michael_a_prince

Faces of Pure - Michael Prince



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