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Faces of Pure - Claudia Ouga

Since joining Pure Yoga in 2013, lovely Claudia has attended over 1200 classes! We chat to this familiar face about her life and all things yoga...

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Faces of Pure - Claudia Ouga

What brought you to your mat for the first time?

A colleague and I were working in a toxic work environment and her friend had invited us to a yoga class as a stress release. Little did I know that it was a hot yoga class, I was not dressed the part (heavy cotton t-shirt and sweatpants), my legs were sweating! I remember thinking: “What is this?! This is gross, I’m never coming back!”. And almost six years later, I’m still here!

How long have you been practicing at Pure?

I started in October 2013.

Do you think your yoga practice has changed your life off of the mat?

Definitely, I have gained confidence in myself, knowing myself and being ok with who I am.

What style of yoga are you drawn to? What pushes you outside your comfort zone?

My go to style is flow hands down but what pushes me outside of my comfort zone is a core class or any Power class from Kate Laird! Anytime I come out of her class and felt I could hold my own, I feel invincible!

What does yoga mean to you?

It is a moment to keep me grounded, to release negativity, to reassure myself that everything is and will be ok, and to count my blessings.

Has being part of the Pure family changed your life?

Without a doubt. I’m an introvert and over the years, I have come to seclude myself, being a caregiver to my mom who has been living with Parkinson disease for 15 years. Coming to Pure has become my little getaway, where I can socialise and not being defined by that role.

Tell us about your life outside of the studio?

I am a Human Resources Client Services Manager in the Federal Public Service.
I have a teenage stepson. I was born in Canada from African parents and I am an only child. I played basketball in high school but I have become a huge soccer (real football) fan. My favourite team is Chelsea who are not doing great this year.

What would be a day in the life of you?

I used to be a 6 am yogi year-round. Then when I was working downtown, I would squeeze in a practice before, during or after work. Now, I have come accustomed to the 7:30 pm classes but I miss my 6 am practice.

What makes you laugh the hardest?

Funny moments with my family or parents, when they will say or do the stupidest thing without trying to be.

What makes you smile the most?

Any genuine act of kindness

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


Faces of Pure - Claudia Ouga



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