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Faces of Pure - Cheryl Aroosi

Cheryl started coming to yoga in 2017 after an intro month at Pure. She's now completely hooked and can't live without it! Read her story here...

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Faces of Pure - Cheryl Aroosi

My husband and I are the owners of Fosters Sports, a bike shop, located a block from Pure Centretown. I have 2 adult children. 

I try to practice yoga after work about three times a week, although this summer it was less. Now that fall is here, I shall be practicing 3 times a week at Centretown and Westboro locations. I also meditate at home, especially when I have trouble falling asleep.

Faces of Pure - Cheryl Aroosi

I started yoga 2 years ago after suffering a few months with sciatica. Instead of taking pain meds and cortisone shots which my doctor recommended, I decided to try yoga along with acupuncture. I Marched to Centretown Pure and signed up for the 30 day trial and was hooked! After the 30 days signed up as a member and haven’t regretted for one moment! Not only do I take classes but also participate in various workshops.

Yoga has changed my life! I am calmer, more mindful of situations around me and of others. I am stronger physically, mentally and best of all have lost weight. I am not suffering from sciatic pain as I did before yoga. Also, don’t need any more acupuncture.

The Pure studios are my happy place, the staff and instructors are amazing! I always look forward to seeing their smiling and cheery faces! My favourite teacher is tough to answer but I would have to say Brittany, Katherine Micelli, and Andrea… but everyone is fantastic!

Yoga has pushed me to try poses I would never thought of doing before. No one is here to judge me and some days I might be flexible and some days not and that is OK. Each day is a journey both off and on the mat. I’m now realising that is the way life is.

I started yoga at 63 yrs old and it is part of my life. Could never be without it now! I thought being older in the class would be intimidating, but it actually makes me feel better and stronger.

Cheryl and her husband own Fosters Sports bike shop on Bank Street. Call in and say hi! https://fosterssports.ca/

Faces of Pure - Cheryl Aroosi



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