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Beautiful You Time

When you’ve squeezed every last drop out of summer, and you're mourning the end of the leisurely hazy days, remember there is something really wonderful about coming back to yourself at this time of year.

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Beautiful You Time

As you journey through this next transitional stage towards the cold dark days of winter, make this time for yourself. Now is a time for reflection, to travel inward, fuelled by the contentment of the summer we’ve just had. Here with our very distinct seasons, it’s easy to listen to the rhythm of the earth, and embrace its messages. Like the trees shedding their leaves and cleansing before winter, now is the time to look forward and take steps to minimise the stress on your lifestyle as you move through the year.

Beautiful You Time


Fall’s transitional nature is perfect for a gentle detox to reset body and mind and prime your system for winter wellness. Now is the time to cleanse your liver and colon after summer’s excesses in preparation for combating infections, neutralising toxins, and digesting heavier foods over the winter months ahead. Consider partaking in sober October (try enlisting a couple of friends so you’ll have support!), and add lots of cleansing seasonal favourites into your diet such as apples, figs and pumpkin.

Beautiful You Time

Hit the mat

Maybe your practice waned over the summer? Now is the perfect time to get back to the mat. Not only will you enjoy all the benefits of hot yoga such as sweating out toxins, increased energy and stress relief, but it will also help you develop a healthy routine and mindset, which is so important for this time of year. Carrying these healthy routines through to winter is crucial to setting us up properly for winter wellness. And remember, whatever the weather, it’s always warm and sunny at yoga!

Do something new

Bushwalking, book club, french classes, salsa dancing, pottery-making? If there’s something you’ve wanted to try doing for yourself, now is the time to do it. Whether it’s something that’s good for your body, mind or soul, a new hobby can give us a fresh surge of energy and enthusiasm for life! Fall is the perfect time to take up a new activity, it can distract us from the unsettling nature of the changing seasons, and learning something new can help us achieve a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Beautiful You Time

Nature Bathe

Even if you’re deep state of depression about the end of summer, you’ve got to agree that fall is pretty damn spectacular. There’s a reason for that, Mother Nature knows how we all feel, so she blesses us with abundant beauty to fill our hearts with warm happiness to fuel us through the frozen months! Fall is the ideal time to bathe in the beauty of nature. Take long hikes among the brightly coloured trees, visit apple orchards, shop the famers markets and taste the season.



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