Engaging in the conversation of diversity and inclusion in wellness spaces.

We are adding two Karma classes, one at CT and one at Westboro. Both will donate their proceeds to Warrior Yoga and a portion to Yoga Unity, here is a description we were given for the classes:

The BIPOC class is currently how Pure Yoga is engaging in the conversation of diversity and inclusion in wellness spaces.

While allies are welcome, this class is an invitation for people who live racialized experiences (Black, Indigenous, People of color) to gather and focus on their healing.

The donations of this community class go to support Yoga Unity and Warrior Yoga. Yoga Unity provides healing spaces closed to BIPOC.

In supporting Yoga Unity, Pure Yoga is declaring itself an ally to supporting anti-racist spaces that are decentralized to whiteness. While the BLM movement has surged in magnitude over 2020, we do not live in a post-racial world, and in the meantime, racialized people deserve spaces where they are not “the other” and can focus independently on their own healing. More information on Yoga Unity at

In supporting Warrior Yoga Network, Pure Yoga is an ally to a network of yoga teachers who work to make Yoga more accessible to people suffering and recovering from violence, conflict, abuse, poverty and discrimination. More information on Warrior Yoga at

*Note: While whiteness and “the others” are social constructs, as there is no biological existence of race, they are constructs that most of society act by currently and create different lived experiences depending on outward appearances.

Donate to Yoga UnityDonate to Warrior Yoga

* Image from Warrior Yoga

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